My experience at Nicole & Jo’s Beauty




I had the great pleasure of visiting Nicole & Jo’s Beauty

I have known the owners for some time as they were once my clients. The mother and daughter combo have embarked on a massive career change joining many others in the beauty industry and working for them selves.

I was very lucky to win their competition for a free set of gels! I was shocked I never win anything! But super excited.

As I’m allergic to gels on my hands Jo happily agreed to do my toes instead, which was fab as my gels had grown out and were in serious need of some attention.



Their set up is perfect!

If you are like me and prefer to go to a home salon rather than a high street salon then your love Nicole & Jo’s. She has the perfect size room with 2 nails bars, plenty of storage and then plenty of room for her beauty couch, Jo has this up when performing facials or if Nicole is doing her waxing and massages.

My toes are so pretty now! I love grey, I have it all over my house, in my wardrobe and I love it on my nails!


Jo uses Gel Bottle and I must say I am massively impressed with it! I have been watching this brand for a while and Jo may of just given me the nudge to try it! This could be damaging on the bank account lol

Jo to the rescue!

We had the best afternoon talking about nails, glitter, beauty and more glitter. It is so lovely being able to talk to someone who is so passionate about it all, Jo definitely loves her new job.

I was lucky enough to attend the bridal show this week painting nails for all the models ready for the catwalk. We get the call sheets only a few days before hand and this one stated we needed natural nails with a nude shade! What did I have?! Long, almond extensions in a deep plum! These were Dip and buff acrylics too so any nails techs out there will tell you how annoying they are to soak off!

To be honest I was running out of time and was likely to be biting them off on the train on the way!

Luckily Jo is level 3 qualified in Nails so offers acrylic, she also owns an e-file!


What a gem! I couldn’t thank Jo enough!

Once they were finally off we tried some gel bottle builder gel on one finger, the one finger that reacts to other gels the most …..well its been 4 days and I still have it on! Ill be back asap to have a full set, the thought of being able to wear gel again is amazing!

Well Educated!

Jo’s favourite treatments are nail treatments and she really knows her stuff, completing level 3 she is well educated in gel, gel polish, fibre glass and acrylic. Facial’s are the latest of Jo’s achievments and she is now in the middle of completely her level 3 beauty! This is amazing considering she was a carer for the last few years!

Nicole has completed her massage training which means she offers an array of relaxing treatments. these include, Swedish, hot stone and Indian Head massage. I personally love all of these! I can wait to book in! Nicole also offers warm and hot waxing, which we all know is a very popular treatment.

How to contact them for bookings or to see examples of their work?’s%20beauty

Their social media accounts are full of pretty nails, my favourite! On top of this they offer a great option for you to book your own appointment online! This amazing feature really is a god send for anyone too busy for phone calls or gets in to late to be phoning up to book. The appointment system they offer sends out an automated text message 24 hours prior to your appointment so there is no need to worry about forgetting it.

Overall it was a pleasure to spend the afternoon here and I can not wait to get booked back in for a fell set of gels! I highly recommend Nicole & Jo’s Beauty and take great pleasure in having them as ‘Leeann’s Beauty Hut Approved’……What does this mean?

It means that they will have a special feature with in my website…..

and as I can no longer take new clients any bookings will all be directed to Nicole and Jo’s Beauty!

It will be amazing working will you girls!



Have you already visited this home salon? Do you prefer a home salon to the high street? As always Id love the hear from you.






What is the difference in Russian lashes and Classic lashes?

As you are probably aware individual eyelash extensions are a massive part of my business. I have been offering these now for 4 years.

Lashes are an amazing treatment which takes a lot of commitment and practice, there is a lot of people who train in lashes and never see it through as they didn’t realise the extent of the work involved.

Classic eyelash extensions is where you start when wanting to offer this service, this is the application of one synthetic eyelash extension to one natural eyelash, now this synthetic lash can be thicker and longer than the natural lash which gives the lashes their extension.

This is a great way to save time in the morning not having to apply mascara, you don’t need to worry about panda eyes and they are perfect for holidays!

Here is an example of one of my favourite sets of classic lashes that I have created.

These took me roughly 3 hours!

It is only now after 4 years I feel I am ready to further my lash skills! There is so much more to lashing then just sticking on some lashes, there is the isolation of the natural lashes, ensuring the correct length and thickness to keep the clients natural lashes healthy, which curl to use and which style for the individuals eye shape. It’s a lot to take into consideration!

The next step in lashing is Russian Volume.

This is the application of anywhere between 2 and 6 lashes to one natural lash. The number of lashes being applied is the dimension, for example if I were to do a 2d set I would be applying 2 synthetic lashes to each natural lash. These lashes are not applied in the same manor as classics. Where with a classic set the synthetic lash is placed to sit uniform and straight from the lash strip, Russian lashes must be fanned before application. There is a few methods for this.

The method I was taught was to finger pinch, so depending on which dimension I am offering I will pick up that amount of lashes, these are more light weight so safe for the natural lashes to carry more than one. Then with the non dominant Β finger and thumb, pinch the base of the lashes to create a fan, then pick up with the tweezers, isolate the natural lash, dip in the glue and then place.

So very different to classic lashes. As the lash extensions are in a fan shape they will over lap each other, where as classic do not. Β This gives a lovely light weight, softer, fluffy appearance.

I still have 4 more case studies to complete before I will be able to offer Russian Volume Lashes but I know I will need a lot of practice to master this skill as I did when I first started out in classic lashes but the job satisfaction you get when your client first opens their eyes after their lash treatment is priceless.

Here is an example of my tutors Russian Lashes

You can see they are a lot fluffier than the classics.

So hopefully now you can see what the difference is in Classics and Russian lashes, I am so excited to get my lashing to the next level!

Thinking about starting a career in lashes?

Genevieve offers training for beginners in lashing, Russian lashing and mentoring, I highly recommend her training, she is based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. The details can be found on here


My crazy life


I have been so busy I have been neglecting my blog…..and my self to be honest!

We can get so caught up in life we forget about the things we need to take time out for. The last few months have been complete madness but I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Firstly work has been crazy, don’t get me wrong that is a great thing, I am very lucky to have such a loyal client base. We had our family holiday to Turkey a few weeks ago and telling my clients I’m having a week off doesn’t go down well πŸ˜‚ so everyone that would of been due for their treatments that week either had to come sooner or a week later which was a squeeze with the clients I had already booked in, so early mornings, late nights and 7 day weeks meant we could have a our little holiday. Four days before our holiday it was my little brothers wedding day. The week of the wedding I was manic with all the Bridal party and other wedding guests so had to fit them in too, it was also half term πŸ™ˆ

The night before the wedding I finished at 10pm, everyone at the wedding looked gorgeous, I however……lol it was worth it though, I even got a mention in my brothers speech! My new sister in law looked stunning, 3 hours of lashing she was as lashed as one can be.

It was a perfect day!


We all had such a great day, Reggie keeps asking to go back bless him.

So we had half term, the wedding, 7 days working, our holiday and then the end of term.

The summer holiday is great time to spend with the kids but this time our youngest has left nursery and our eldest has left primary school! Friday was so emotional, I was a mess! Why do they have to grow up?!

In between all of this we had the obvious end of term discos, meetings, visits to new schools and work, house work, we also had an event every single weekend! I went to a Hen party, dancing til 3 in the morning was amazing, not done that for a long time! Lots of children’s parties after school clubs and all the stuff between.

Fair to say I’ve been neglecting my self, slowly my jeans have become tighter, my skin more spotty and my mood swings unbearable.

Why do we always have to reach such a low point to do something about it?

Not a lot of you know but I am also knee deep in studies, I have assessments, exams and case studies coming out my ears! I have also just taken my advance lash training in Russian volume lashes 😍

It is so easy to get snowed under, I haven’t been to the gym for a very long time, which makes me moody, then I was eating crap, which makes me moody, then I was running round like a nutter all day, which makes me tired….which makes me moody, see the pattern hahahaha

I have joined slimming world! This has held me accountable for what I am eating, I feel better as I’m eating single ingredient foods but still struggling with getting the right amount of protein in without eating meat. This transition definitely takes time and planning, this has effected my muscle mass, I have none!

I am slowly getting back into the swings of things, taking time to do the things I want and ensuring I take time for my self.

Every Monday evening is my night now so after all the running around with the children I go to an exercise class which is held outside and trains the whole body, lots of fun. Then go straight to slimming world from there, no work and my eldest comes with me and plays football with the trainers son for an hour, benefits us all.

so that is why I haven’t blogged for a while! I’ve been to the gym today and yesterday I feel so much more happier, calmer and actually get a lot more done, gym is the answer to most thing!

O and dancing!

Stay happy and take time for your selves



Johnson Blythe revamped my hairΒ 


Like a lot of people, I don’t often go to the hair salon

For various reasons but mainly because one of my good friends is a hairdresser, we used to swap hair treatments with lash and nail treatments! Love a trade swap! Also my younger cousin is a hair dresser and as family I would get it done for family rates. This is great as getting your hair done can be costly. Having your hair done at home is very convenient too but I do think it’s nice going to the salon to be pampered.

Why Johnson Blythe?

This is were I attended a charity night to help raise money for a charity based in Hatfield, the rape crisis. Painting nails here I got a good feel for the salon and knew then it would be a great treat to go and get my hair done there.

A few of my friends and clients had been here and also my sister, they could not recommend it enough! They also gave me discount cards! So if I have an appointment and use the card, myself and the person who’s card it is will reiceve 25% off a cut and finish, bargain!

I actually didn’t use any of my refer a friend cards as they also have offers for new clients! You can see all the new client offers here πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

On top of this they also run a loyalty scheme in which you receive a free treatment and then Β£10 off. There really is some great incentives.

The salon is based in Hertford which sounds far but it took less than 10 minutes to get there so not far at all.

My daughter has her pony lessons in Hertford so I went in to book my appointment while she was there as I knew I’d need a patch test. This was carried out by applying some of the tint behind my ear. All was fine with that as I suspected.

My hair!

Attempting to grow my hair and grow my fringe out my hair was very limp and dull. My fringe was driving me mad and the way it sat, I felt made my face look long. My hair hasn’t been dyed for a while so I had roots, some strands of glitter and it had faded. I actually love the colour it had faded to and wished to keep the colour. I just wanted it to have even courage, no more glitter on show and to be more vibrant and healthy looking.

I explained all of this to Helen, one of the directors of the salon who I’ve actually meet before in my Beauty Hut 😍 Helen is so lovely, I definitely felt safe in her hands. I’ve had bad experiences before in salons which has put me off going.

We looked at the colour chart and decided on a copper colour, it was gorgeous. So the roots where done with one colour and then the rest with another, in one of the bowls the colour looked neon orange, I’m not going to lie I was abit concerned!

It only needed 20mins

It looked darker on but from past experience I knew this usually happens. I was left for a bit to let the colour take, everyone was lovely asking if I would like tea, coffee or water. I used this time to get some more blogging organising done βœ…
Once it was ready to come off James took me to the wash basins, o my were they comfortable. The feet went up on the chair, I couldn’t of been more relaxed, you can not beat having your hair washed professionally, it’s like having a massage, I could of fallen asleep. James assured me the colour looked fab, I was so excited to see it!

Helen was back ready for my trim and blowdry.

It was lovely talking to Helen, being in the business a long time and it’s similar to my business we talked about work/life balance and how hard it is to say no to clients. After this Helen motivated me to put my foot down more and I had a client that night which I usually fit in on my day off, well I warned my client I won’t be able to do that day anymore as it’s my day off, and I stuck to my guns, usually I give in and book people in, leaving me working every day and night! So thank you Helen for giving me a kick up the butt.

My hair looked lush!

The colour was perfect! No neon orange πŸ˜‚

Helen helped me with my issues with my fringe as I grow it out, advised me on the best why the style it so it sits correctly. The products she used smelt AMAZING! When I’m back I would definitely like to purchase the serum we spoke about.

It was blow dried and sat beautifully. Blow drying hair is definitely I talent I wish I could have, it just makes you feel so much more glamorous when your hair is bouncy and glam!

Once we were done we harassed James to take some pictures for us, well that wasn’t a success. The light didn’t come through the shop to show of the lush colour so we went outside and the wind blew all my hair off my face leaving me looking like a potato head, not the glamorous look I was going for haha we gave up with the pictures.

I thanked Helen and James took my payment, gave my a loyalty card and 2 refer a friend cards. I skipped out of there a new women! My hair felt amazing I’m surprised I didn’t make it greasy I was touching it so much. I was swishing my head around a lot more than normal for sure.

Waiting outside the nursery the sun was shining straight through the sunroof. It showed off the new colour perfectly!


Everyone commented on my hair, Was so lovely that people were noticing. I can’t wait for my next appointment already.

Helen and Claire really have built a beautiful salon here and I definitely recommend anyone goes and visits them,

❀️❀️❀️ Thank you everyone at Johnson Blythe ❀️❀️❀️


It’s a liquid breakfast kinda day

This morning breakfast needed to be on the go! 

This morning Reggie woke me up at 5am for a drink, walking around downstairs with his batman cup, half naked to discover we were out of juice was just an insight into my day. 

Colin earnt brownie points this morning bringing me a tea in bed as he left for work, I made an executive decision that staying in bed til 7:45 was a good idea! Yea right! 

Rushing around to get the children dressed, washed and all their water bottles and book bags ready it became apparent we were out of ‘milk’, excellent! πŸ˜‚

Harry had porridge, made with water with added sweet freedom fruit syrup, Gracie fessed up to having coco pops with the last of the milk and Reggie had toast. 

What about me?

Your just mum you are the last thought. I needed something to take with me as I’m straight out after they were dropped off. So I made a shake full of goodness,

With water, I would usually use almond milk, I added a banana, blueberries, one strawberry (Gracie had the rest in her new water bottle!) And a scoop of chocolate protein! 

It’s delicious! It took me 3 school drop offs to finish it, 3 SCHOOL DROP OFFS TO HAVE MY BREAKFAST! What the hell is this life πŸ˜‚

 Either way I’m happy I managed to get some nutrition in first thing rather than going without, hands up the children need a better breakfast in the mornings, but today is not the day to be playing Mary Poppings! 

Reggie is the last one to get dropped off in the mornings, trying to apply his suncream was fun, he ‘hates it!’ His words. I’m pretty sure he would hate sunburn too! So he got grumpy and didn’t want to go in to his class room. Some where in this mornings madness I’ve discovered I have mud on my dress 😩 

I had to go straight to the salon!

Is it possible to look pretty and clean with little people? 

After offering a nursery parent a lift to town I’m finally sat in the hair dressers (first time in years!) Getting my hair ready for my little brothers wedding on Friday. 

I’ve decided my morning was punishment for doing something for my self lol well really I know it’s because I wasn’t organised! 

So bye bye limp, dull hair! 

After this it’s back to the nursery, get my Reggie, go food shopping, go to my daughters school for a art afternoon of making a puppet, then to get my eldest and then he is having a hair cut, then home, homework, dinners…..o and I have work at 4:30 through to tonight. 

BUT (I’m being super positive today!) 

My hair will look gorgeous, the sunshine out and IT’S HALF TERM πŸŽ‰ 



Chick updateΒ 

These gorgeous girls are 7 weeks old!

I am so surprised how fast they grow, seems like yesterday they were cute, fluffy chicks. They have definitely got to the ugly stage and you can see the last of the chick fluff around their necks. 

We have moved them outside in their gorgeous coop now and they love it.  Colin built a tray for the bottom which has a lip around the edge so I can sleep well knowing nothing can get in. Especially important as we live next to an allotment which homes an array of wildlife, along with foxes, and rightly so. 

Chickens lay eggs around 16 weeks of age so not long to go until we can hopefully collect some fresh eggs, the children are so excited! As well as lots of family and friends. I’m starting to think we should of got more than 2 chicks πŸ™ˆ They lay roughly 300 eggs EACH per year. That’s a lot of eggs but I’m pretty sure we won’t have any trouble getting through them. 

I love their coop as it matches the Hut! It makes me sad Betty and Dotty poop all over it! Chickens definitely are not for the faint hearted. I am constantly in gloves picking up poop πŸ˜‚ Apart from that they are such easy animals to keep. Ensuring their food and water is full they can be left to it. When I’m home their coop is open so they get free range of the garden, they love exploring! I was in the Hut Friday doing lashes and I just saw these two heads peak around the door it was hilarious! 

As soon as we pick them up they see it as a lift up to flying

Can not recommend having chickens enough πŸ’—