Johnson Blythe revamped my hair 


Like a lot of people, I don’t often go to the hair salon

For various reasons but mainly because one of my good friends is a hairdresser, we used to swap hair treatments with lash and nail treatments! Love a trade swap! Also my younger cousin is a hair dresser and as family I would get it done for family rates. This is great as getting your hair done can be costly. Having your hair done at home is very convenient too but I do think it’s nice going to the salon to be pampered.

Why Johnson Blythe?

This is were I attended a charity night to help raise money for a charity based in Hatfield, the rape crisis. Painting nails here I got a good feel for the salon and knew then it would be a great treat to go and get my hair done there.

A few of my friends and clients had been here and also my sister, they could not recommend it enough! They also gave me discount cards! So if I have an appointment and use the card, myself and the person who’s card it is will reiceve 25% off a cut and finish, bargain!

I actually didn’t use any of my refer a friend cards as they also have offers for new clients! You can see all the new client offers here 👇👇👇👇👇

On top of this they also run a loyalty scheme in which you receive a free treatment and then £10 off. There really is some great incentives.

The salon is based in Hertford which sounds far but it took less than 10 minutes to get there so not far at all.

My daughter has her pony lessons in Hertford so I went in to book my appointment while she was there as I knew I’d need a patch test. This was carried out by applying some of the tint behind my ear. All was fine with that as I suspected.

My hair!

Attempting to grow my hair and grow my fringe out my hair was very limp and dull. My fringe was driving me mad and the way it sat, I felt made my face look long. My hair hasn’t been dyed for a while so I had roots, some strands of glitter and it had faded. I actually love the colour it had faded to and wished to keep the colour. I just wanted it to have even courage, no more glitter on show and to be more vibrant and healthy looking.

I explained all of this to Helen, one of the directors of the salon who I’ve actually meet before in my Beauty Hut 😍 Helen is so lovely, I definitely felt safe in her hands. I’ve had bad experiences before in salons which has put me off going.

We looked at the colour chart and decided on a copper colour, it was gorgeous. So the roots where done with one colour and then the rest with another, in one of the bowls the colour looked neon orange, I’m not going to lie I was abit concerned!

It only needed 20mins

It looked darker on but from past experience I knew this usually happens. I was left for a bit to let the colour take, everyone was lovely asking if I would like tea, coffee or water. I used this time to get some more blogging organising done ✅
Once it was ready to come off James took me to the wash basins, o my were they comfortable. The feet went up on the chair, I couldn’t of been more relaxed, you can not beat having your hair washed professionally, it’s like having a massage, I could of fallen asleep. James assured me the colour looked fab, I was so excited to see it!

Helen was back ready for my trim and blowdry.

It was lovely talking to Helen, being in the business a long time and it’s similar to my business we talked about work/life balance and how hard it is to say no to clients. After this Helen motivated me to put my foot down more and I had a client that night which I usually fit in on my day off, well I warned my client I won’t be able to do that day anymore as it’s my day off, and I stuck to my guns, usually I give in and book people in, leaving me working every day and night! So thank you Helen for giving me a kick up the butt.

My hair looked lush!

The colour was perfect! No neon orange 😂

Helen helped me with my issues with my fringe as I grow it out, advised me on the best why the style it so it sits correctly. The products she used smelt AMAZING! When I’m back I would definitely like to purchase the serum we spoke about.

It was blow dried and sat beautifully. Blow drying hair is definitely I talent I wish I could have, it just makes you feel so much more glamorous when your hair is bouncy and glam!

Once we were done we harassed James to take some pictures for us, well that wasn’t a success. The light didn’t come through the shop to show of the lush colour so we went outside and the wind blew all my hair off my face leaving me looking like a potato head, not the glamorous look I was going for haha we gave up with the pictures.

I thanked Helen and James took my payment, gave my a loyalty card and 2 refer a friend cards. I skipped out of there a new women! My hair felt amazing I’m surprised I didn’t make it greasy I was touching it so much. I was swishing my head around a lot more than normal for sure.

Waiting outside the nursery the sun was shining straight through the sunroof. It showed off the new colour perfectly!


Everyone commented on my hair, Was so lovely that people were noticing. I can’t wait for my next appointment already.

Helen and Claire really have built a beautiful salon here and I definitely recommend anyone goes and visits them,

❤️❤️❤️ Thank you everyone at Johnson Blythe ❤️❤️❤️

It’s a liquid breakfast kinda day

This morning breakfast needed to be on the go! 

This morning Reggie woke me up at 5am for a drink, walking around downstairs with his batman cup, half naked to discover we were out of juice was just an insight into my day. 

Colin earnt brownie points this morning bringing me a tea in bed as he left for work, I made an executive decision that staying in bed til 7:45 was a good idea! Yea right! 

Rushing around to get the children dressed, washed and all their water bottles and book bags ready it became apparent we were out of ‘milk’, excellent! 😂

Harry had porridge, made with water with added sweet freedom fruit syrup, Gracie fessed up to having coco pops with the last of the milk and Reggie had toast. 

What about me?

Your just mum you are the last thought. I needed something to take with me as I’m straight out after they were dropped off. So I made a shake full of goodness,

With water, I would usually use almond milk, I added a banana, blueberries, one strawberry (Gracie had the rest in her new water bottle!) And a scoop of chocolate protein! 

It’s delicious! It took me 3 school drop offs to finish it, 3 SCHOOL DROP OFFS TO HAVE MY BREAKFAST! What the hell is this life 😂

 Either way I’m happy I managed to get some nutrition in first thing rather than going without, hands up the children need a better breakfast in the mornings, but today is not the day to be playing Mary Poppings! 

Reggie is the last one to get dropped off in the mornings, trying to apply his suncream was fun, he ‘hates it!’ His words. I’m pretty sure he would hate sunburn too! So he got grumpy and didn’t want to go in to his class room. Some where in this mornings madness I’ve discovered I have mud on my dress 😩 

I had to go straight to the salon!

Is it possible to look pretty and clean with little people? 

After offering a nursery parent a lift to town I’m finally sat in the hair dressers (first time in years!) Getting my hair ready for my little brothers wedding on Friday. 

I’ve decided my morning was punishment for doing something for my self lol well really I know it’s because I wasn’t organised! 

So bye bye limp, dull hair! 

After this it’s back to the nursery, get my Reggie, go food shopping, go to my daughters school for a art afternoon of making a puppet, then to get my eldest and then he is having a hair cut, then home, homework, dinners…..o and I have work at 4:30 through to tonight. 

BUT (I’m being super positive today!) 

My hair will look gorgeous, the sunshine out and IT’S HALF TERM 🎉 


Chick update 

These gorgeous girls are 7 weeks old!

I am so surprised how fast they grow, seems like yesterday they were cute, fluffy chicks. They have definitely got to the ugly stage and you can see the last of the chick fluff around their necks. 

We have moved them outside in their gorgeous coop now and they love it.  Colin built a tray for the bottom which has a lip around the edge so I can sleep well knowing nothing can get in. Especially important as we live next to an allotment which homes an array of wildlife, along with foxes, and rightly so. 

Chickens lay eggs around 16 weeks of age so not long to go until we can hopefully collect some fresh eggs, the children are so excited! As well as lots of family and friends. I’m starting to think we should of got more than 2 chicks 🙈 They lay roughly 300 eggs EACH per year. That’s a lot of eggs but I’m pretty sure we won’t have any trouble getting through them. 

I love their coop as it matches the Hut! It makes me sad Betty and Dotty poop all over it! Chickens definitely are not for the faint hearted. I am constantly in gloves picking up poop 😂 Apart from that they are such easy animals to keep. Ensuring their food and water is full they can be left to it. When I’m home their coop is open so they get free range of the garden, they love exploring! I was in the Hut Friday doing lashes and I just saw these two heads peak around the door it was hilarious! 

As soon as we pick them up they see it as a lift up to flying

Can not recommend having chickens enough 💗

A random bus trip 💖

Every morning we do the school run. Firstly my eldest gets dropped off at his school, we drive to the other side of town to take my daughter to her school and then we drive back to the nursery that is next to my eldest sons school to drop off our youngest! 

O love the school run we do  😂 

Anyway on our travels we see so many buses! My youngest, Reggie, suffers with speech and communication so we talk about everything to encourage him to talk. We tend to argue about the colour of buses alot! I think the buses are green but he is adamant they are blue! 

Today we had such random fun! 

So after Reggies nursery session we walked to the local bus stop to wait for a bus into town. We had 15 minutes to wait so we walked to the shops, got a drink and snack each and went back to the bus stop.

We talked about the direction the bus would be coming, that we needed to hold our hand out when we saw it coming and that we needed to pay for our ticket. (£6.15 lighter! I nearly fell over!) 

Of course we easily could of got in the car and driven there but that’s no fun! Saying that for that price we could of got a taxi to and from 😂 

We explored around the shops, picked up mummies new glasses, Reggie managed to get me to buy him his own Batman glasses case for his sunglasses! 

We had the best time! We then had to work out which bus was to take us home, we waited at the wrong stop so got on the right bus but sat on it around Halden’s and then back to town and then to our stop. Reggie thought it was great! Even more so once he got to press the big red button to tell the driver it was our stop! 

The little things matter to children! These 2 hours of random exploring, although in a place we visit often, was so exciting for Reggie. Getting to see his little face try and speak through the excitement made my heart melt! 

The point I am trying to make?! 

Don’t just jump in your car and rush around all the time! See every situation as an opportunity. I needed to collect my glasses, Reggie hasn’t been  on a bus! Little things like this make a moment special and one we will remember. Also Reggie now has a fun story to tell his friends and family encouraging him to use his words. 

💖 Love him I do 💖

Welcome back to the world of consumerism Leeann! 

I haven’t drank coffee for a while now, not though any real effort it just happened. 

I haven’t been on the best form lately when it comes to what I want out of life, no planning, goal setting and being a bit unorganised. It’s no biggy, people do this all day every day. They just float! 

I’m done being a floater!

So me and my eldest, Harry, were walking through Stevenage train station over the weekend and we walked past the little Costa in there, I brought a soya latte and even let Harry (10) have a tango! Even Harry was shocked that I’d let him chose a fizzy drink! 

What had happened?! Why did I buy coffee and allow harry to buy a fizzy drink, which is a massive no no in our house?! 

It wasn’t until a while later while we were still walking that I stopped and thought ‘what the hell?’ I took a sip from my coffee and didn’t even like it! Colin was happy for the drink but even he wasn’t that impressed! The only conclusive is that I have stopped working on everything I belive in. Fizzy drinks are not for adults let alone children, I am not liking coffee at the moment either. But as a society we are lead to belive we need these things daily.  

The power of advertising

All day every day we are exposed to coffee, how amazing it is and coffee shops are everywhere! 

Coffee comes a close second when it comes to exported goods! See this link for some more interesting coffee facts 👇
What I have learnt is that it is so easy to ‘float’ back into everyday ‘normal’ routines, reminds me abit of the lego movie actually lol 

– Get up, wash, buy your coffee, go to the job you dont really like to earn money just to pay the bills! What’s that about! No thank you! 

Standing up to what you want, what makes you happy and what you belive in is so much more important. All the billions Of pounds places  like Costa spend on advertising works when your not on form! 

Stay strong and do what you REALLY want, not what your told to do! 

On top of this last Friday we went to the designer outlet to buy ONE dress for my brothers wedding! I came home with a lovely dress AND new shoes! I did actually need some new pumps now the weather is warming up but they didn’t need to be Teb Baker! Yes they are very pretty and I love them, but I brought them to make my self feel happy not for the practicality.

Happiness doesn’t come from things! Wake up Leeann and get you shit together for God sake! 

What makes me happy? 

  • Exercise 
  • Pushing my physical boundaries 
  • Learning new skills
  • Growing in my skills at work
  • Giving the best 
  • Eating clean
  • Keeping my family healthy

I could go on but none of them include buying stuff! 

F**K consumerism! We are not sheep! 

Agree? Leave a comment! 

Apple cider vinegar and honey


I keep seeing Apple cider vinegar and honey with its wide health benefits everywhere. Its said it can lower cholesterol, prevent leg cramps, treat dandruff and even control blood sugar levels. The reason I wanted to use it was because I had read that it is great for cleansing the gut and clears any built up toxins. After suffering with (according to the GP) Irritable Bowl Syndrome I am very aware of things that upset my insides. IBS is such a wide spectrum!

I have also noticed that one body builder that my self and my husband follow adds this to his morning drink! His body is his temple!

Well I am on a mission for overall health, if I can add something so small to my daily diet to help achieve this then that is great!

We visited Holland and Barrett were I was going to by organic apple cider vinegar and honey separately and mix them together to make a healthy drink. Well once I’d asked where it was I realised how many products there are! The one I purchased (pictured above) was on offer which was a bonus.

I never knew what Manuka honey was either! I found this really interesting, although the price took me back a bit! Have a read of this…..

So I brought this in a bid to help clear my gut toxins. On the bottle it states ‘ Have one spoonful twice a day’ so one in the morning and once in the evening. This is the same dosage I had read for doing a body cleanse also which stated twice a day until your having regular bowel movements then once a day for maintaining gut health and other health benefits.

My first try

Wow I really had a stupid moment! So after everything I had read, all the lovely things you can add to make this DRINK super healthy I forgot to make it into a drink! I poured a spoonful out and instead of adding it into water to dilute it I poured it straight down my throat!

O MY GOD I actually thought I was going to breathe fire! It cleared my throat instantly and burned all the way down. I was unsure weather to cry with the pain or laugh at my stupidity! There was no one there to laugh with me, Reggie and Gracie had no clue what I was doing.  The sensation went after a minute or two so wasn’t too bad.

Colon Cleanse?

It definitely works! After my shot of apple cider vinegar it wasn’t long until I was on the loo. If you are feeling bunged up and constipated I would definitely recommend you try this, not neat though!

Tonight’s dose I have added to warm water, extra squirt of honey and a topical green tea bag. It actually tastes really nice. There is still the sharpness of the vinegar at the end but its not too bad, plus if it is going to help my body be healthy and more efficient than I can deal with that.

Here is a really informative link about apple cider vinegar and honey.

Have you tried this? Would love to see your experiences below in the comments.


Meet my birds! 

This gorgeous duo are the las test additions to the Doherty household.

This is Dotty and Betty! 

A few years ago we considered getting chickens but decided against it. This year, the same as each spring, the nursery had 20 eggs delivered in incubators, 10 for each class room. 

The children (and grown ups) watched in suspense as these tiny birds perked their way out of their shells. The children did lots of learning about the eggs and chicks, getting to hold the birds and a did lots of arts and crafts about the chicks. 

Reggie made us the cutest Easter card! 

Well as soon as the chicks had been hatched for a week it was almost time for the Easter half term. After the two and a half weeks off the children will return and the chicks will be gone! 

But where do they go? 

Well, they get homed by willing parents or staff! Well this year we (I) decided we would get 2 chicks 😀 I was so excited by the thought of fresh eggs each morning, the children were super excited too! I made Colin sit and watch YouTube videos on how to care for chickens, how their coop should be, I even know how to make a feeder from drain pipes lol I got a bit obsessed. All my friends and family think I’m crazy, well I know I am! The excitement of this new venture and caring for something so small is great for the children and a great experience for us all as a family. 

The last day of term I brought the 2 week old chicks home in a cardboard box. We had already made their indoor ‘brood’ which they will stay in until they are fully feathered and ready to stay outside. The poor little things were chirping so loudly they were clearly scared, this mad me feel awful! They were happy in their brood with their heat lamp and settled down quickly.

The children love them! Cuddles on the sofa, laying on floor with them while they run around the living room, they are so cute. 

They are starting to use their wings and doing lots of fast running and flapping, it’s the cutest thing! Gracie has a wicker basket ready to collect their eggs, that’s the only job she wants. She wants to sell the eggs to make money for the farm she wishes to have when she is older. Which I have also been informed that I will be working on lol 

I could watch them for hours! 

They are such curious creatures. Pecking away at little crumbs they may find. They were extra brave today and ventured out of the living room, down the hallway and into the kitchen. They spent ages exploring all the corners of the kitchen, under the table also. I followed behind with my disinfectant Dettol wipes cleaning up any presents they decided to leave on the floor. They poo so much it’s amazing, who knew such a small creature could produce so much crap?! 

I’m excited to set their coop up (it is grey and matches the salon) and to have them outside laying eggs. Everyone I have spoken to said fresh eggs really do taste so much nicer. 

How lovely it will be knowing that the eggs we have are from happy, well looked after hens and we know exactly what they have been fed. 

Happy hens, happy eggs 😍