Welcome to my blog.

Hello 🤗

I am Leeann Doherty, 30 years old (eeeek!) I am now definitely an adult!

I definitely have my hands full, I have 3 young children, ages 10,6 and 3. So my days are full of school runs, homework deadlines and tantrums. These little beauties are my main ‘job’ which keeps my days full of madness.

As well as ‘Mum’ I also run a very successful beauty salon from home where I see clients whilst the children are at school and once they are in bed. My business has gone from strength to strength with me originally starting out to just offer nail services to now offering all beauty treatments! I am so lucky to have my client base without them I’d not be able to do what I love, it never feels like work! Gel nails and eyelash extensions are my specialty treatments with these being my most popular treatments. I have been very lucky in my work, I have trained with lots of top brands and have even been to press events, the lastest one was LONDON FASHION WEEK 2016 😍 Was a dream of mine and I was so lucky to have forfilled that.

Lastly, as a family we are very aware of our health and fitness. With my husband competing in his first ever body building competition 2016, was so proud of him, the hard work for he put in was outstanding! We are weight lifting addicts and the gym is a massive part of our lives. I like to ensure our family eats a well balanced diet and I am always learning about the effects of foods on the body, I have recently stopped eating meat! The results of this I will share with you all.

I hope you all find some value in my posts and look forward to hearing from you all.