What is the difference in Russian lashes and Classic lashes?

As you are probably aware individual eyelash extensions are a massive part of my business. I have been offering these now for 4 years.

Lashes are an amazing treatment which takes a lot of commitment and practice, there is a lot of people who train in lashes and never see it through as they didn’t realise the extent of the work involved.

Classic eyelash extensions is where you start when wanting to offer this service, this is the application of one synthetic eyelash extension to one natural eyelash, now this synthetic lash can be thicker and longer than the natural lash which gives the lashes their extension.

This is a great way to save time in the morning not having to apply mascara, you don’t need to worry about panda eyes and they are perfect for holidays!

Here is an example of one of my favourite sets of classic lashes that I have created.

These took me roughly 3 hours!

It is only now after 4 years I feel I am ready to further my lash skills! There is so much more to lashing then just sticking on some lashes, there is the isolation of the natural lashes, ensuring the correct length and thickness to keep the clients natural lashes healthy, which curl to use and which style for the individuals eye shape. It’s a lot to take into consideration!

The next step in lashing is Russian Volume.

This is the application of anywhere between 2 and 6 lashes to one natural lash. The number of lashes being applied is the dimension, for example if I were to do a 2d set I would be applying 2 synthetic lashes to each natural lash. These lashes are not applied in the same manor as classics. Where with a classic set the synthetic lash is placed to sit uniform and straight from the lash strip, Russian lashes must be fanned before application. There is a few methods for this.

The method I was taught was to finger pinch, so depending on which dimension I am offering I will pick up that amount of lashes, these are more light weight so safe for the natural lashes to carry more than one. Then with the non dominant  finger and thumb, pinch the base of the lashes to create a fan, then pick up with the tweezers, isolate the natural lash, dip in the glue and then place.

So very different to classic lashes. As the lash extensions are in a fan shape they will over lap each other, where as classic do not.  This gives a lovely light weight, softer, fluffy appearance.

I still have 4 more case studies to complete before I will be able to offer Russian Volume Lashes but I know I will need a lot of practice to master this skill as I did when I first started out in classic lashes but the job satisfaction you get when your client first opens their eyes after their lash treatment is priceless.

Here is an example of my tutors Russian Lashes

You can see they are a lot fluffier than the classics.

So hopefully now you can see what the difference is in Classics and Russian lashes, I am so excited to get my lashing to the next level!

Thinking about starting a career in lashes?

Genevieve offers training for beginners in lashing, Russian lashing and mentoring, I highly recommend her training, she is based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. The details can be found on here



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