My crazy life


I have been so busy I have been neglecting my blog…..and my self to be honest!

We can get so caught up in life we forget about the things we need to take time out for. The last few months have been complete madness but I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Firstly work has been crazy, don’t get me wrong that is a great thing, I am very lucky to have such a loyal client base. We had our family holiday to Turkey a few weeks ago and telling my clients I’m having a week off doesn’t go down well 😂 so everyone that would of been due for their treatments that week either had to come sooner or a week later which was a squeeze with the clients I had already booked in, so early mornings, late nights and 7 day weeks meant we could have a our little holiday. Four days before our holiday it was my little brothers wedding day. The week of the wedding I was manic with all the Bridal party and other wedding guests so had to fit them in too, it was also half term 🙈

The night before the wedding I finished at 10pm, everyone at the wedding looked gorgeous, I however……lol it was worth it though, I even got a mention in my brothers speech! My new sister in law looked stunning, 3 hours of lashing she was as lashed as one can be.

It was a perfect day!


We all had such a great day, Reggie keeps asking to go back bless him.

So we had half term, the wedding, 7 days working, our holiday and then the end of term.

The summer holiday is great time to spend with the kids but this time our youngest has left nursery and our eldest has left primary school! Friday was so emotional, I was a mess! Why do they have to grow up?!

In between all of this we had the obvious end of term discos, meetings, visits to new schools and work, house work, we also had an event every single weekend! I went to a Hen party, dancing til 3 in the morning was amazing, not done that for a long time! Lots of children’s parties after school clubs and all the stuff between.

Fair to say I’ve been neglecting my self, slowly my jeans have become tighter, my skin more spotty and my mood swings unbearable.

Why do we always have to reach such a low point to do something about it?

Not a lot of you know but I am also knee deep in studies, I have assessments, exams and case studies coming out my ears! I have also just taken my advance lash training in Russian volume lashes 😍

It is so easy to get snowed under, I haven’t been to the gym for a very long time, which makes me moody, then I was eating crap, which makes me moody, then I was running round like a nutter all day, which makes me tired….which makes me moody, see the pattern hahahaha

I have joined slimming world! This has held me accountable for what I am eating, I feel better as I’m eating single ingredient foods but still struggling with getting the right amount of protein in without eating meat. This transition definitely takes time and planning, this has effected my muscle mass, I have none!

I am slowly getting back into the swings of things, taking time to do the things I want and ensuring I take time for my self.

Every Monday evening is my night now so after all the running around with the children I go to an exercise class which is held outside and trains the whole body, lots of fun. Then go straight to slimming world from there, no work and my eldest comes with me and plays football with the trainers son for an hour, benefits us all.

so that is why I haven’t blogged for a while! I’ve been to the gym today and yesterday I feel so much more happier, calmer and actually get a lot more done, gym is the answer to most thing!

O and dancing!

Stay happy and take time for your selves



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