Johnson Blythe revamped my hair 


Like a lot of people, I don’t often go to the hair salon

For various reasons but mainly because one of my good friends is a hairdresser, we used to swap hair treatments with lash and nail treatments! Love a trade swap! Also my younger cousin is a hair dresser and as family I would get it done for family rates. This is great as getting your hair done can be costly. Having your hair done at home is very convenient too but I do think it’s nice going to the salon to be pampered.

Why Johnson Blythe?

This is were I attended a charity night to help raise money for a charity based in Hatfield, the rape crisis. Painting nails here I got a good feel for the salon and knew then it would be a great treat to go and get my hair done there.

A few of my friends and clients had been here and also my sister, they could not recommend it enough! They also gave me discount cards! So if I have an appointment and use the card, myself and the person who’s card it is will reiceve 25% off a cut and finish, bargain!

I actually didn’t use any of my refer a friend cards as they also have offers for new clients! You can see all the new client offers here 👇👇👇👇👇


On top of this they also run a loyalty scheme in which you receive a free treatment and then £10 off. There really is some great incentives.

The salon is based in Hertford which sounds far but it took less than 10 minutes to get there so not far at all.

My daughter has her pony lessons in Hertford so I went in to book my appointment while she was there as I knew I’d need a patch test. This was carried out by applying some of the tint behind my ear. All was fine with that as I suspected.

My hair!

Attempting to grow my hair and grow my fringe out my hair was very limp and dull. My fringe was driving me mad and the way it sat, I felt made my face look long. My hair hasn’t been dyed for a while so I had roots, some strands of glitter and it had faded. I actually love the colour it had faded to and wished to keep the colour. I just wanted it to have even courage, no more glitter on show and to be more vibrant and healthy looking.

I explained all of this to Helen, one of the directors of the salon who I’ve actually meet before in my Beauty Hut 😍 Helen is so lovely, I definitely felt safe in her hands. I’ve had bad experiences before in salons which has put me off going.

We looked at the colour chart and decided on a copper colour, it was gorgeous. So the roots where done with one colour and then the rest with another, in one of the bowls the colour looked neon orange, I’m not going to lie I was abit concerned!

It only needed 20mins

It looked darker on but from past experience I knew this usually happens. I was left for a bit to let the colour take, everyone was lovely asking if I would like tea, coffee or water. I used this time to get some more blogging organising done ✅
Once it was ready to come off James took me to the wash basins, o my were they comfortable. The feet went up on the chair, I couldn’t of been more relaxed, you can not beat having your hair washed professionally, it’s like having a massage, I could of fallen asleep. James assured me the colour looked fab, I was so excited to see it!

Helen was back ready for my trim and blowdry.

It was lovely talking to Helen, being in the business a long time and it’s similar to my business we talked about work/life balance and how hard it is to say no to clients. After this Helen motivated me to put my foot down more and I had a client that night which I usually fit in on my day off, well I warned my client I won’t be able to do that day anymore as it’s my day off, and I stuck to my guns, usually I give in and book people in, leaving me working every day and night! So thank you Helen for giving me a kick up the butt.

My hair looked lush!

The colour was perfect! No neon orange 😂

Helen helped me with my issues with my fringe as I grow it out, advised me on the best why the style it so it sits correctly. The products she used smelt AMAZING! When I’m back I would definitely like to purchase the serum we spoke about.

It was blow dried and sat beautifully. Blow drying hair is definitely I talent I wish I could have, it just makes you feel so much more glamorous when your hair is bouncy and glam!

Once we were done we harassed James to take some pictures for us, well that wasn’t a success. The light didn’t come through the shop to show of the lush colour so we went outside and the wind blew all my hair off my face leaving me looking like a potato head, not the glamorous look I was going for haha we gave up with the pictures.

I thanked Helen and James took my payment, gave my a loyalty card and 2 refer a friend cards. I skipped out of there a new women! My hair felt amazing I’m surprised I didn’t make it greasy I was touching it so much. I was swishing my head around a lot more than normal for sure.

Waiting outside the nursery the sun was shining straight through the sunroof. It showed off the new colour perfectly!


Everyone commented on my hair, Was so lovely that people were noticing. I can’t wait for my next appointment already.

Helen and Claire really have built a beautiful salon here and I definitely recommend anyone goes and visits them,

❤️❤️❤️ Thank you everyone at Johnson Blythe ❤️❤️❤️


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