It’s a liquid breakfast kinda day

This morning breakfast needed to be on the go! 

This morning Reggie woke me up at 5am for a drink, walking around downstairs with his batman cup, half naked to discover we were out of juice was just an insight into my day. 

Colin earnt brownie points this morning bringing me a tea in bed as he left for work, I made an executive decision that staying in bed til 7:45 was a good idea! Yea right! 

Rushing around to get the children dressed, washed and all their water bottles and book bags ready it became apparent we were out of ‘milk’, excellent! 😂

Harry had porridge, made with water with added sweet freedom fruit syrup, Gracie fessed up to having coco pops with the last of the milk and Reggie had toast. 

What about me?

Your just mum you are the last thought. I needed something to take with me as I’m straight out after they were dropped off. So I made a shake full of goodness,

With water, I would usually use almond milk, I added a banana, blueberries, one strawberry (Gracie had the rest in her new water bottle!) And a scoop of chocolate protein! 

It’s delicious! It took me 3 school drop offs to finish it, 3 SCHOOL DROP OFFS TO HAVE MY BREAKFAST! What the hell is this life 😂

 Either way I’m happy I managed to get some nutrition in first thing rather than going without, hands up the children need a better breakfast in the mornings, but today is not the day to be playing Mary Poppings! 

Reggie is the last one to get dropped off in the mornings, trying to apply his suncream was fun, he ‘hates it!’ His words. I’m pretty sure he would hate sunburn too! So he got grumpy and didn’t want to go in to his class room. Some where in this mornings madness I’ve discovered I have mud on my dress 😩 

I had to go straight to the salon!

Is it possible to look pretty and clean with little people? 

After offering a nursery parent a lift to town I’m finally sat in the hair dressers (first time in years!) Getting my hair ready for my little brothers wedding on Friday. 

I’ve decided my morning was punishment for doing something for my self lol well really I know it’s because I wasn’t organised! 

So bye bye limp, dull hair! 

After this it’s back to the nursery, get my Reggie, go food shopping, go to my daughters school for a art afternoon of making a puppet, then to get my eldest and then he is having a hair cut, then home, homework, dinners…..o and I have work at 4:30 through to tonight. 

BUT (I’m being super positive today!) 

My hair will look gorgeous, the sunshine out and IT’S HALF TERM 🎉 



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