Chick update 

These gorgeous girls are 7 weeks old!

I am so surprised how fast they grow, seems like yesterday they were cute, fluffy chicks. They have definitely got to the ugly stage and you can see the last of the chick fluff around their necks. 

We have moved them outside in their gorgeous coop now and they love it.  Colin built a tray for the bottom which has a lip around the edge so I can sleep well knowing nothing can get in. Especially important as we live next to an allotment which homes an array of wildlife, along with foxes, and rightly so. 

Chickens lay eggs around 16 weeks of age so not long to go until we can hopefully collect some fresh eggs, the children are so excited! As well as lots of family and friends. I’m starting to think we should of got more than 2 chicks 🙈 They lay roughly 300 eggs EACH per year. That’s a lot of eggs but I’m pretty sure we won’t have any trouble getting through them. 

I love their coop as it matches the Hut! It makes me sad Betty and Dotty poop all over it! Chickens definitely are not for the faint hearted. I am constantly in gloves picking up poop 😂 Apart from that they are such easy animals to keep. Ensuring their food and water is full they can be left to it. When I’m home their coop is open so they get free range of the garden, they love exploring! I was in the Hut Friday doing lashes and I just saw these two heads peak around the door it was hilarious! 

As soon as we pick them up they see it as a lift up to flying

Can not recommend having chickens enough 💗


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