Welcome back to the world of consumerism Leeann! 

I haven’t drank coffee for a while now, not though any real effort it just happened. 

I haven’t been on the best form lately when it comes to what I want out of life, no planning, goal setting and being a bit unorganised. It’s no biggy, people do this all day every day. They just float! 

I’m done being a floater!

So me and my eldest, Harry, were walking through Stevenage train station over the weekend and we walked past the little Costa in there, I brought a soya latte and even let Harry (10) have a tango! Even Harry was shocked that I’d let him chose a fizzy drink! 

What had happened?! Why did I buy coffee and allow harry to buy a fizzy drink, which is a massive no no in our house?! 

It wasn’t until a while later while we were still walking that I stopped and thought ‘what the hell?’ I took a sip from my coffee and didn’t even like it! Colin was happy for the drink but even he wasn’t that impressed! The only conclusive is that I have stopped working on everything I belive in. Fizzy drinks are not for adults let alone children, I am not liking coffee at the moment either. But as a society we are lead to belive we need these things daily.  

The power of advertising

All day every day we are exposed to coffee, how amazing it is and coffee shops are everywhere! 

Coffee comes a close second when it comes to exported goods! See this link for some more interesting coffee facts 👇

What I have learnt is that it is so easy to ‘float’ back into everyday ‘normal’ routines, reminds me abit of the lego movie actually lol 

– Get up, wash, buy your coffee, go to the job you dont really like to earn money just to pay the bills! What’s that about! No thank you! 

Standing up to what you want, what makes you happy and what you belive in is so much more important. All the billions Of pounds places  like Costa spend on advertising works when your not on form! 

Stay strong and do what you REALLY want, not what your told to do! 

On top of this last Friday we went to the designer outlet to buy ONE dress for my brothers wedding! I came home with a lovely dress AND new shoes! I did actually need some new pumps now the weather is warming up but they didn’t need to be Teb Baker! Yes they are very pretty and I love them, but I brought them to make my self feel happy not for the practicality.

Happiness doesn’t come from things! Wake up Leeann and get you shit together for God sake! 

What makes me happy? 

  • Exercise 
  • Pushing my physical boundaries 
  • Learning new skills
  • Growing in my skills at work
  • Giving the best 
  • Eating clean
  • Keeping my family healthy

I could go on but none of them include buying stuff! 

F**K consumerism! We are not sheep! 

Agree? Leave a comment! 


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