Apple cider vinegar and honey


I keep seeing Apple cider vinegar and honey with its wide health benefits everywhere. Its said it can lower cholesterol, prevent leg cramps, treat dandruff and even control blood sugar levels. The reason I wanted to use it was because I had read that it is great for cleansing the gut and clears any built up toxins. After suffering with (according to the GP) Irritable Bowl Syndrome I am very aware of things that upset my insides. IBS is such a wide spectrum!

I have also noticed that one body builder that my self and my husband follow adds this to his morning drink! His body is his temple!

Well I am on a mission for overall health, if I can add something so small to my daily diet to help achieve this then that is great!

We visited Holland and Barrett were I was going to by organic apple cider vinegar and honey separately and mix them together to make a healthy drink. Well once I’d asked where it was I realised how many products there are! The one I purchased (pictured above) was on offer which was a bonus.

I never knew what Manuka honey was either! I found this really interesting, although the price took me back a bit! Have a read of this…..


So I brought this in a bid to help clear my gut toxins. On the bottle it states ‘ Have one spoonful twice a day’ so one in the morning and once in the evening. This is the same dosage I had read for doing a body cleanse also which stated twice a day until your having regular bowel movements then once a day for maintaining gut health and other health benefits.

My first try

Wow I really had a stupid moment! So after everything I had read, all the lovely things you can add to make this DRINK super healthy I forgot to make it into a drink! I poured a spoonful out and instead of adding it into water to dilute it I poured it straight down my throat!

O MY GOD I actually thought I was going to breathe fire! It cleared my throat instantly and burned all the way down. I was unsure weather to cry with the pain or laugh at my stupidity! There was no one there to laugh with me, Reggie and Gracie had no clue what I was doing.  The sensation went after a minute or two so wasn’t too bad.

Colon Cleanse?

It definitely works! After my shot of apple cider vinegar it wasn’t long until I was on the loo. If you are feeling bunged up and constipated I would definitely recommend you try this, not neat though!

Tonight’s dose I have added to warm water, extra squirt of honey and a topical green tea bag. It actually tastes really nice. There is still the sharpness of the vinegar at the end but its not too bad, plus if it is going to help my body be healthy and more efficient than I can deal with that.

Here is a really informative link about apple cider vinegar and honey.


Have you tried this? Would love to see your experiences below in the comments.



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