Meet my birds! 

This gorgeous duo are the las test additions to the Doherty household.

This is Dotty and Betty! 

A few years ago we considered getting chickens but decided against it. This year, the same as each spring, the nursery had 20 eggs delivered in incubators, 10 for each class room. 

The children (and grown ups) watched in suspense as these tiny birds perked their way out of their shells. The children did lots of learning about the eggs and chicks, getting to hold the birds and a did lots of arts and crafts about the chicks. 

Reggie made us the cutest Easter card! 

Well as soon as the chicks had been hatched for a week it was almost time for the Easter half term. After the two and a half weeks off the children will return and the chicks will be gone! 

But where do they go? 

Well, they get homed by willing parents or staff! Well this year we (I) decided we would get 2 chicks 😀 I was so excited by the thought of fresh eggs each morning, the children were super excited too! I made Colin sit and watch YouTube videos on how to care for chickens, how their coop should be, I even know how to make a feeder from drain pipes lol I got a bit obsessed. All my friends and family think I’m crazy, well I know I am! The excitement of this new venture and caring for something so small is great for the children and a great experience for us all as a family. 

The last day of term I brought the 2 week old chicks home in a cardboard box. We had already made their indoor ‘brood’ which they will stay in until they are fully feathered and ready to stay outside. The poor little things were chirping so loudly they were clearly scared, this mad me feel awful! They were happy in their brood with their heat lamp and settled down quickly.

The children love them! Cuddles on the sofa, laying on floor with them while they run around the living room, they are so cute. 

They are starting to use their wings and doing lots of fast running and flapping, it’s the cutest thing! Gracie has a wicker basket ready to collect their eggs, that’s the only job she wants. She wants to sell the eggs to make money for the farm she wishes to have when she is older. Which I have also been informed that I will be working on lol 

I could watch them for hours! 

They are such curious creatures. Pecking away at little crumbs they may find. They were extra brave today and ventured out of the living room, down the hallway and into the kitchen. They spent ages exploring all the corners of the kitchen, under the table also. I followed behind with my disinfectant Dettol wipes cleaning up any presents they decided to leave on the floor. They poo so much it’s amazing, who knew such a small creature could produce so much crap?! 

I’m excited to set their coop up (it is grey and matches the salon) and to have them outside laying eggs. Everyone I have spoken to said fresh eggs really do taste so much nicer. 

How lovely it will be knowing that the eggs we have are from happy, well looked after hens and we know exactly what they have been fed. 

Happy hens, happy eggs 😍 


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