Cheeky life hack 

I saw this trick online somewhere and can not believe I didn’t know this sooner! 

Ever get to the super market to find you have no pound coin for the trolly, you have way to much to buy for a basket and you really cant be faffing about to go and buy something to get some change! 

Well this happened to me today, I didn’t even have any cash on me to get some change, my card is all I seem to carry around now.  Then I remembered this little trick I had seen online! 

A door key!

Yep a standard front door key! Everyone has a door key! And you can bet if you need a trolly for all your a shopping you probably drove, so your have a key on your car keys. 

Simply take it off the bunch and put the round end in the trolly in place of a pound coin, it’s genius! 



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