Dinner at the Doherty’s 

Last night was Fajita night. We love Mexican food in our house, not too hot though. 

The children still eat chicken so I fried off some peppers and red onion and split half into another dish. I added the chicken to one dish and in the other I added half a tin of kidneys beans and sliced courgettes. Then I sprinkled some (we are heat whips and even find the mild sachets too hot) of the Fajita seasoning over both dishes. 

Served in bowls the children love being able to make their own, they get so caught up in making funny faces with salad that they don’t realise they are eating all the things I usually argue with them about eating! 

I made a salad out of all the left over bits in the fridge to get it all used up, a bowl of grated cheese (we had to add more of this as the children love a bit of cheese!) A bag of spinach, or leaves as the children say and a mild pre made salsa.  We used Lidls wholemeal wraps to make our Fajitas.

This is the first time I have made vegetable Fajitas and they turned out really well! They tasted great, Colin even agreed. My first veggie dish with out a recipe 😊 

Super healthy too, spinach is packed full of goodness adding it raw like this saves all the goodness being lost through cooking. Kidney beans add protein, carbs from the wrap and more nutritional benefits from the peppers, onion and courgettes. 

Definitely a winner and will be making these again. 

My bargin find this week was this vegetarian Cook book from Lidl,  just £1.99. Can’t wait to try out some new dishes. 


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