Banging Baked Beans! 

Home made baked beans! 

OK, don’t look like baked beans we are used to from a tin but they are undoubtedly a load healthier and they taste gorgeous! 

The children haven’t tried them yet and I am unsure they will approve, there is a lot of ‘bits’ in there like onion and chopped tomatoes, all the ‘bits’ the children manage to find immediately. Although go and ask them to find their school shoes you can guarantee they won’t be able too! 

I have tried a few recipes from this book and I’ve loved them all! The book has a wealth of information from activating pulses, meat dishes, vegetable dishes and even deserts, all using the healthiest ingredients. 

The recipe for the baked beans is from here too. 

Why make your own beans? 

Why not! The goodness in all the ingredients used is massive, from the pulses to the spices they all have massive health benefits. We do usually use the quick and easy tinned beans and they do taste nice too and are super quick but you’d be very surprised how much sugar is in one tin! Just under 20 grams! We have tried the low sugar ones and they taste rank! 

I had a bowl of our home made beans for lunch and just had some of Colin’s home made tear and share with it, it was gorgeous. Tomorrow I’ll probably have it with a jacket potato 😍

I doubt any of this will make it to the freezer, my healthy meal stash is running low so I really need to do some batch cooking! 


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