It’s definitely a game changer! 

I saw a video on Facebook and they TOASTED sweet potatoes, who ever thought of this is a legend! 

In the video they toasted a sliced sweet potato and then top with a variety of toppings, a poached egg, peanut butter and jam, it all looked delicious. 

When we prepare our meals in advance, by we I mean when I actually have my bum in gear and do it, Colin is amazing and prepares his every night for the next day. He blends all his meals for during the day so it is easier to get all his meals in whilst busy at work! Commitment at its finest! Cold, blended chicken and veg 😷 I take my hat of to him he is very focused and determined. 

Sweet potato is a massive part of food prep in our house, when I was preparing for a show (that I never done because I lost my focus!) I was eating so much sweet potato (and still losing body fat I’ll add!) I had to prepare it all the night before or I’d be spending all day cooking. Around 100g of cooked sweet potato for 3 of my meals a day….out of 6! I had my head in the game and nothing fazed me about the meal plan. Coach said eat this, so I ate it! O and the amounts of food was insane, my waist was getting smaller and smaller, it was amazing! 

I really need to get my head back into it! 


Cooking sweet potato I usually cut into chips and roast in the oven, bit of dried garlic, no oil! This used to take around 30mins max in the oven, needing to shake every now and then to stop them sticking to the bottom. A good, non stick tray is best for this, especially when using no oil. Our tray is crap! Usually came out like mash lol This is the main way I’d prepare my sweet potato and then weigh it into lunch boxes for the next day, simply heat it up in the microwave the next day. 

Another way is to microwave it until it is cooked and then spoon out the flesh and mash. This was great for quickness but I’m reluctant to put such a healthy object into the microwave for so long now, would there be any nutritional value left? 

Well tonight I tried the toaster! That I did purposely purchase for this, we always use the grill for toast so didn’t own one, I’m guessing the grill would work the same?! 

Slicing thinly was tricky. Colin done it for me because I make a hash of cutting anything! I had spoken to someone who had tried this and she said it didn’t work, for this reason I put the toaster on the lowest setting so I wouldn’t forget about it and it went horribly get wrong. 

Firstly I cut off the ends to make sure they will fit nicely, no forcing it in. I checked on it loads, probably too much, but now I know it works I’ll be happy leaving it unattended for longer. Whilst it was cooking a prepared what I was having with it. Unlike the glamorous foodie video I found the idea on I decided to cut it into chips. My favourite! I will try it with a topping tomorrow.  I cooked a Morrisons own brand vegetarian burger and a leafy green salad of spinach, cucumber and celery. I LOVE these burgers, they taste so good, only £1.50 for a pack off 4 and are full of goodness, they don’t have a lot off extra stuff added unlike the popular brand. 

It tasted amazing! The potato was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, cooked fully. Sometimes I like my chips crispy so will just leave them in there for longer. I definitely recommend cooking them like this! The metal grill bits inside the toaster clamp the potato as you push the leaver down for it to cook. This holds the potato in place perfectly. I will be using this method from now on, I have my own sweet potato cooking toaster hahahaha 

Here is a bit of information on the health benefits of sweet potatoes, I would highly recommend you added it to your menu. 



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