Honey & Cinnamon for what?! 


I came across this gorgeous combo about a year ago. I always knew honey and cinnamon had good health benefits on their own but I had no idea of the power they had when used together! 

For years I have added honey, cinnamon and a banana to my porridge in the morning. It tastes amazing. It also takes away the blandness of the porridge, especially as we make ours with water!  

So what can this combo be used for? Below is the original website I stumbled across, it is 3 years old now so I’m sure there is a lot more up to date information out there.


This powerful combo can help with anything from arthritis, cough and colds, skin conditions and lots more! Now I wouldn’t recommend you drink 10 cups of honey and cinnamon drinks a day! Honey is still full of sugar, although natural too much can still store as fat! For This reason I know when people are dropping body fat percentage they cut honey and fruits! Which is great when your trying to lose weight but what about the health benefits of these fruits and honey? We can benefit from their goodness! 


Using local honey can help with allergies!

 The honey contains nectar from local plants and these are what we can be allergic too, having a small amount in the honey can help our bodies build up a resistance! 

How clever is that?! 


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