Dairy is Scary! 

I know I have gone on about this before but I have just stumbled across the video that first opened my eyes to the way the dairy industry is ran! With tears in my eyes the guilt I feel from eating a Cornish pasty that my mother in law brought back from her weekend away is insane! 

Eating a little bit of meat won’t hurt! 

I believe everything happens for a reason and as I took my last bite of the pasty the video flashed up! 20mins earlier would of been nice! 

I want to show this video to my children but feel it’s a bit too graphic, the shock factor is definitely there, it breaks my heart. I am going to watch Erin’s other YouTube videos and see if any of them are ok for the children to watch, if not I’ll search the web for others. 

I have seen hidden camera footage of the ways cows are treated, even organic, free range farms, it’s no different to a standard farm. The truth is humans are horrible to animals! They believe they are superior to all other species. I get that some people choose to eat meat, it’s the food chain but there’s no need to treat them so horrible! Pumping them full off drugs to make them grow bigger and with antibiotics to keep the free from infections, all that stays within the meat of the animal, which you then eat. 

I try not to preach about this but find it very differcult, everyone is free to decide in what they put in their body but continuing to purchase meat is allowing this industry to continue with this shocking treatment of animals. At least allow the animals to live a free, happy life before murdering it for your plate! 


The greed in humans is to blame, they see the profit from the dairy farm and have invented ways to get a continuous income from each cow, so keeping them pregnant, taking the calf away so it can not ‘waste’ the milk, in all of this people have forgotten that these animals are living creatures also, they have families, they have children! Wow I can not even imagine someone trying to take my new born away from me! Humans tunnel vision on making more and more money has lead them to forget how to care and be greatful. There is a wealth of information out there, research it your self, WE DO NOT NEED MILK TO GROW STRONG BONES! 

It is proven over and over again, diary leads to brittle bones! 

If you wish to see the video you can do so here, I am warning you it is very graphic and very upsetting, it also has some swear words so I wouldn’t watch with little people! 

Animals were not put here to serve us! They are here to live along side us! 


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