Customer service over qualifications 

How have I manged to grow such a big client base in a short amount of time?

Customer service! I have always bent over backwards for my clients, from day one I was so desperate for this to work I would do anything to make my clients happy.

When I first started out I found out I was pregnant with Reggie 🙈 I am not going to lie and say I was over the moon, quite the opposite to be honest! I had already started my training in my new business venture, a new baby was not on the plan, but it actually all worked out amazingly.

I did all my training whilst being a walking incubator, I remember doing my spray tanning training and the lady I was paired with was taught how to contour my huge bump, it was too cute.

I started seeing clients whilst I was still pregnant, this just started of as friends and family. I was itching to do everyone’s nails, I would ring my mum to come round so I could practice on her, my sister also. I’m pretty sure they didn’t mind 😀

This is one of the first sets of gel nails I had done, I had purchased a stamping kit and loved it! I used to do nails at the kitchen table when ever possible and used plain pink tissue paper for the back ground of the pictures. I took pictures of EVERY set of nails I done to build my portfolio and to advertise my services. My photos have come on a long way since then. These pictures work as a catalogue for potential clients, they see a colour or pattern they like and that can get you a new booking.

My nails didn’t always last!

Sometimes I would get a client contact me and say a nail has chipped! This happened often in the beginning, it was very disheartening and could of easily lead me to give up, I was too determined! I would go to the clients house with my kit as soon as possible and repair it free of charge. One lady, we have come to learn that she just can’t wear gel, but we re did her nails around 3 times. I never charged her after the first set. She had paid for a service and it wasn’t lasting as it should, I hated the thought of someone being unhappy with their nails. It only takes one person to say something bad and that will spread like wildfire. The fact that I was accommodating, sometimes working til 11pm, after a day of looking after the children, people appreciated it.

Follow up!

I would message my clients a few days later to make sure they were happy with their nails, or what other treatment they had received. This is a great way of building a relationship with your client,  this gives them the opportunity to tell you if there is anything that they may not be happy with. Rather than them thinking ‘ o I’m not happy with this, I’m not going there again!’ Also this let’s them know that its OK to let me know if something is wrong! So if it happened again they would just let me know, then we can fix it no problem. Clients love this reassurance that I won’t let them walk around with dodgy nails. Actually my worse nightmare!

I’m very confident in my nail treatments now so tend not to follow up as much but I always tell my clients to let me know of there is any problems.

All to often I here stories from my clients of bad experiences and I know that if the therapist had either followed up or reassured the client to contact them if having a problem then they would of returned.


As therapist we get told alot of personal information! Obviously what is said in the salon stays in the salon but when a client returns if you ask a question relating to the conversation from their last visit they are reassured that you listen and you actually value what they are talking about! It can be something small like ‘last time you said about booking your holiday, did you mange to get one booked?’

The truth is if someone comes to you for a services they buy into you before they buy into the services! If the service doesn’t work out as planned the client doesn’t mind as they are already happy that you are the one doing their treatment. We just re do the treatment or rectify what we can. Your passion will be contagious and clients can sense when your passionate about your job and not just doing it for money.

A personal touch

Now the reason I was promped to write this post!?

I have recently received the best customer service.  This company I stumbled across on instagram whilst aimlessly scrolling down the endless posts. I placed an order which was for a marketing item for my eyelash extensions.  It was a selfie frame! So much fun and would be sure to get lots of social media attention!

How cute is this!!! Well once I received it I shared a picture in a lash artist forum. After this, Mark, the owner of Myprinted, received more orders of our creation. Mark hadn’t made one this small before, we had emails back and forth to get the details right to fit a set of lashes in the frame rather than 4/6 people like his regular selfie frames. It was so much fun. I received great customer service through out and Mark even followed up to make sure I’d received it all ok and now uses my face in my frame for his esty shop lol 👇

We had so much fun with this I ordered one for my mums birthday party! I’m so unorganised I left it last minute 🙈 But Mark managed to get it made and posted and I received it the day before the party! I was panicking! Well! When I received it there was a smily face with my name drawn on the box and once opened……

….not only had the frame be made to all our requirements, posted in time for the party, it had also had this taped inside!

The personal touch! The fact that Mark had gone over and beyond to insure I am a happy customer he has made the sale so personal, noting that I’m always in the gym, and even incurring a cost to add the chocolates! He definitely has a customer for life. The truth is even if someone local started doing these frames and even if they were cheaper I would always return to Myprinted. This proves the importance of customer care and something we should NEVER forget.  I do think some people get abit comfortable in the fact that they have been doing their job for so long that they don’t go beyond what is expected from them anymore!

In our crazy world remember to be a Mark!



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