Appreciating the time we have 

This little dude is the cutest, most kind and loving boy ever! 

The smallest of our family Reggie is still at nursery. Unfortunately he will be going to full time school this September 😣 

What do you really want?!

Moving my business into the salon at the gym was the most exciting time in my business, I was loving life, the girl that started painting nails in the evening having her own salon, It was like a dream! After a few months of being there and the excitement settled abit the realisation of what I had to compromise began to come to light. 

A standard day whilst at the salon,

  • 8:30- school run
  • 9am- get to salon
  • 9:30- first client 
  • Home time. …..now this was something like… go at 3pm to collect the children from school, eat and return until 9pm, some days I worked straight through til 9pm! 

Coming home once the children  were in bed was hard. To be honest at first I loved it, no stressful bath time, no getting the kids to bed on time and reading all them bed stories. It was all left to hubby, ‘let’s see how he likes it!’ I actually thought to my self. 

The truth is a probably needed a break from all these motherly jobs I had grown tired of doing! Day in day out being yelled at, climbed over, following children round the house picking up their trail of destruction, not to mention the house work, arghhh makes me stress just writing this 😣

Just look at this little Sanctuary! It was gorgeous, so much more room then I had at home, people could just walk in and no one will be walking through my house anymore. Which means I wouldn’t stress about the house work anymore, wouldn’t it?! 

O how wrong I was! I’d get in and see everything that needed to be done and be far too tired to do anything about it. Sitting In the salon all day took away the flexibility of why I started this company in the first place, to work when and how ever much as I wanted. I want a day off, I’ll have a day off! O no not now.  Clients or no clients I was in there, it was my life. How ever hard I tried to get the other therapist busy most clients wanted me to do their treatments. I have built such good relationships with my clients over the years they feel “safe” with me doing their treatments. I know the way they like their nails, the shapes, the colours they like and most importantly I know probably more about them than their spouses do! You aren’t just a beauty therapists, we are someone who listens to all their problems, advising them on what we would do, you can’t just have this sort of relationship with someone in a short amount of time. 

This added pressure, I ended up working so many hours, I didn’t make time to train, this made me so moody! I wasn’t seeing my children, I didn’t have control of the house and everything that needed doing. Slowly all these small things started to make me hate being there. I would turn up just before my client I would be there at lease as possible. 

After a few months I knew I wanted to go back home! It took me an other month to work out whether I was shying away from hard work or if I really wanted to go back! 

I really wanted too! As soon as everything was out after Christmas I felt like a weight had been lifted! It was stressful past few months as I still had full time hours booked in but now we have settled in to a good routine. I’m probably earning the same amount as I have no over heads, I work when I want, all my clients get to see me, the best thing? I’m here with the children! We have re started all their after school activities, I remember to do all their school stuff like work shops, parents evenings, all the things I was running away from! I don’t regret moving there as I have learnt sooo much! I really believe this….’never a mistake, always a lesson!’

  • I need time to my self
  • I can’t do everything
  • You need a team of like minded people around you before you take something like this on
  • Work is never more important than family 
  • Your children need you 
  • I will not have guilt of missing out when my children have grown up 
  • I have very lucky to have what I have I will not be in a position of unhappiness 
  • Don’t like something change it! 

I now love everything I get to do with the children, I’m not saying I don’t get stressed out, being at home is actually harder than working full time. I missed everything so much I even had the best morning a few days ago, do you know what I was doing? Hoovering 😂😂😂 I was home to be able to get it done, and there’s no argument in the fact that an uncluttered house is an uncluttered mind! 

Point of this post? 

Do what ever makes you happy, you will never get this day again! Also remember, one day your children won’t need you as much! Read that extra bedtime story! 


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