People go to the gym and just do cardio?!

gym Super sunny Wednesday! How amazing was the weather!

I woke up stressed, short tempered, snapping and unorganised! Well luckily my first client of the day had cancelled. Now its not great if my clients cancel, obviously if I don’t work then I don’t get paid, but…….I have learnt that this is precious time. Instead of sulking that I’ve had a cancelation and just sitting around until my next client I make this new free time count. Usually I use it to get as much house work done as possible, unfortunately this always needs doing and its never ending. I had an hour and a half, perfect amount of time to get to the gym and smash out a quick work out!

My diet this week has been appalling!


It doesn’t look like it will be getting much better either as tonight we are celebrating my Mum’s 50th and getting pizza, last night we went for a lovely bike ride in the sun and ended up in KFC or Kill Fat Children, as my eldest calls it lol I have been helping my self to my husbands blueberry ‘pump’ muffins which he has before a work out, they have 20g of sugar in, EACH! My poor diet has definitely affected my moods, I have felt crap! So a whole session for some cardiovascular exercise seemed like a good idea.

What I did,

I started off on the treadmill, 40 mins in total I walked 3.4 K. I start off slow with the treadmill flat and up the speed bit by bit until I am at a nice pace, not running! I also up the gradient through out, by the end I was at a big incline which made the walking a lot more difficult. Safe to say I was a sweaty mess, my fitness is shocking! Something I am aiming to become better at. Whilst on the treadmill its easy to get bored, watching the timer go down is a definite no no. It makes it seem so much longer, listening to music, an audio book or working on your phone makes the time fly! Luckily I run my whole life via a free app so I’m signed in on my phone, the laptop and the Ipad. This means when I’m out and about I have always got access to my diary. I would be so lost without this!

Obviously whilst I was on the treadmill I was thinking of what I could do in the remaining 30 mins I had! Can never just go and do cardio, I wanted to train my whole body!

After I was done on the treadmill, I went on the power plate. Now this strange machine vibrates whilst you do certain moves on them. It is such a strange sensation feeing all your wobbly bits bouncing all over the place! Any way I did 3 sets of 60 seconds on this, I squatted and held the position for as long as possible, I needed to stand up a few times but went straight back in the squat position and held it as long as possible again. I am unsure of the benefits of these power plates! I guessing the vibrations help break down fat, or I may just be hoping lol If anyone knows the benefits and would like to inform me that would be great!

After this I did some mat work, after going heavy last week I decided to go light, this shocks your body. Doing the same workout each time our clever bodies are ready for it. These different movements really isolate the glutes, if you have an extra 30 mins why wouldn’t you want a quick bootay pump?!

On the mat I did a giant set (3 moves, one after the other with now rets!), one leg at a time,

  • kick backs, 12 reps, squeezing at the top and then bringing the knee right up to my chest and the kicking fast and powerful back out
  • knees out to the side, 12 reps, I struggle with these
  • hip trusts with leg on an exercise ball,

I did 3 sets of these with minimum rest between the 3 sets, remember there is NO rest between the exercises.

Next was another super set (two exercises with no rest between)

  • Cable stiff legged deadlift, 12 reps
  • Cable squats, 12 reps, keeping the tension through out

3 sets of this super set changing the foot position for each set of squats, close together, hip width apart then wide with toes pointing out (sumo squat)

Leg press, single legged! The angle of these Techno leg press makes it perfect, so the seat moves and not the plate. I sat in the seat on my side and kind of hugged the seat, this allowed me to use one leg to push the machine, I did 3 sets of 12 on each leg.

I finished of with a set of standard leg pressed to fail.

A super quick work out but a good one. I always find working out first  thing in the morning on a time limit is best, it leaves no time for standing around thinking I just get on.

I’m still to use the spa I can use with this gym membership! I WILL get there this weekend!



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