The unsavoury truth about home businesses

17274941_10155080793299699_132570746_nNow if you have been following me for a while then you will be very aware of the few extra businesses that I have been involved in! My main business, which I can never envision being without, is my home based beauty business. This business I started nearly 5 years ago and it is going from strength to strength, with new clients visiting me weekly, for this I am forever grateful, It isn’t easy making it in the beauty industry!

Competition is high in the beauty business, especially in nail services and eyelash extensions, my two speciality treatments. Staying up to date on trends is vital, new products are being released every week and creating funky nail designs keeps me in demand, as well as popular on social media! I will create a blog post solely for the power of social media use in small businesses. Without Facebook I’m unsure I’d even have a business, let alone be where I am today!

Why I got distracted and joined other companies?

I asked my self this, a lot! Leeann’s Beauty Hut was doing so well why on earth would I then take up starting another business? Well……I can only think of a few points!

  • The extra income
  • Building and being part of a team
  • The self development
  • Having something else to offer my clients
  • How hard can it be?!

So the first business I joined I had been thinking about for a very long time! This company was based around earning money back from your food shopping, collecting bonuses for shopping each month and then receiving more bonuses for inviting friends and family to do the same. Who doesn’t want to earn money from doing something they all ready do, grocery shopping! A friend of mine had contacted me about this company and I said no intuitionally. A few months had passed and I couldn’t stop thinking about how simple it sounded. Then one morning I woke up and thought, sod it! I’m going to join! What have I got to lose I will be shopping from somewhere else anyway.

So I contacted my friend and joined! From that moment on I was added to our team messenger group (a few actually) secret Facebook groups and pages, everyone was so pumped up about this business and so inspiring, helping everyone else to reach their bonuses. I had never experienced anything like it, hundreds of people all gearing everyone else on to do well and helping with hints and tips, training videos, even phone calls. I have never even meet these people and they were willing to help me succeed. The sad truth is most of your ‘friends’ you have known for years don’t really want you to succeed, they want you to do well, but not as well as them!

It was a whole new world, the energy is contagious and all you want to do is share it with everyone you know. Who wouldn’t want to feel this amazing energy! Well not a lot of people it seems lol I have learnt from this experience that the majority of people will say no before they even know what they are saying no to. I believe people are very closed minded when faced with something new and instantly shut it down, maybe its the fear of failure, or the fear of change. All I know is that I was so positive about everything that I wanted to meet new people, talk about business, even helped plan presentations, we held meetings, nothing fazed me, my anxiety was no where to be seen! How? I truly believe that throwing your self wholeheartedly into something new and scary will rid any anxieties. Just do it! I was so busy planning the success of my new venture that I couldn’t stop and worry about a thing! It was fab!

Well anyway with all my hard work the company didn’t make me rich. Unfortunately they started changing a lot of things and I decided it wasn’t for me, but, I was defiantly addicted to the madness of the MLM (Multi Level Market) company, or as my dad called them, one of them pyramid schemes, yep he said!

Why am I not rich yet?!

Unfortunately there is not a company you can join and become rich with in a few weeks. I think people see the success stories from these companies and think that they got there in a short amount of time, in some cases it does happen but these people have such a big network of people they just move them over to their new business and boom! Ready made team to make all the bonuses off of. I have seen a lady collecting £10,000 each month! She then moved to another company and it wasn’t long until she was on the GB leader board with a big team. This lady is very good at training her team and now she has such a large network they simple follow her knowing she only joins companies that she can earn big with. Do the people that join under her earn as much? Unlikely, but she will need to move them up the earnings ladder to move her self up, this is why these companies work, team work.

Hard work, planning and dedication are a few things needed to succeed in these companies. Being told ‘no thanks’ time and time again can be disheartening but you need to take it on the chin and realise there are 7 BILLION people on this planet, you can not let one of the get you down. Simply move on! It takes years to build up a good network of people, but they must be people that are involved in these businesses, or people that are open minded enough to try. One of the biggest mistakes I see in this industry is people joining every company. Now there isn’t anything wrong with being part of a number of businesses but when your changing the company your with people think ‘ The last one didn’t work out then’ and completely discredit the new one.


My advice! Join a company that you can be passionate about. One of my old team members, and now a close friend, joined a company selling toiletries and cosmetics, she is doing amazingly well, with a high mark up and no monthly autoship it suits her perfectly. All her energy goes into this and its working. I have come to learn that taking on too much just spreads your self too thinly and you end up doing a lot, not very well. Do a few things well. I find this hard and have to consistently remind my self. My problem is I say yes to everything!

What I have learnt,

  • These companies DO work
  • You must find one that suits you
  • Be passionate
  • Prepare for hard work
  • Be committed and consistent

The biggest lesson?

I already have a massive network of people! People ask me all the time about services or the best place to buy products, I can always recommend someone. Leeann’s Beauty Hut has created a network of people through my clients. I have swapped treatments for house cleaners, hair dressing, babysitting, to name a few. The truth is when you have a trade to offer you can offer this instead of cash, I love it! My clients recommend people to my business and I recommend people to theirs.

Do I regret going these companies?!

Absolutely not, I have made some great friends who have gone on to start businesses within other companies, we are all doing something different, this works great! We can all buy from each other and recommend others, as well all offer something different. The power of networking is unbelievable and I can not recommend it enough!

Will I be joining another one?

No time soon, but I have been involved with 2 other very successful companies since!

Thinking about joining one your self but don’t know where to start? Let me know and I’ll happily point you in the right direction.



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