Shoulders and Abs 

So yesterday I did get to the gym! I ran out the door ready to hurt my self a bit more! 

Once I got there it was full of teenagers! I didn’t realise they offer a junior gym, not that there is anything wrong with that but teenagers irritate me with their know it all attitude. I am well aware of how I used to be at that age, I wasn’t in a gym thats for sure 😂 it’s great that they are encouraged to train and look after them selves but if they could hold off until I’m done that would be great haha. 

Although I am loving training in a new gym where there isn’t any distractions the atmosphere in this gym sucks! I miss the great music and great people at Norton’s. Everyone there is so lovely and you can talk to them for hours, which is great but I needed to get my head back in it and focus on my self. I will go to Norton’s for a sunbed, I am in need of some vitamin D! That way I can see everyone there. I can not wait to train there again! Safe to say Colin has a very ‘told you so’ attitude when I confessed to him last night. 

Anyway I can still get the job done and train in this gym. Unlike Norton’s there isn’t a machine for everything so it’s nice having to use my imagination and remember moves I used to do at gosling. The cable machine is a God send and I can train every muscle group on it! 

My shoulder workout, 

My shoulders used to be my weakest muscle group, because of this I made a point of training them twice a week. Ensuring they had fully recovered from the first session before doing the second. They have grown nicely so I feel once a week is fine to keep them in proportion to the rest of my body. I need to work on my biceps but my God do I dislike training arms 🙈 That’s only because I feel weak in my arms so I’m ignoring them! I should do the same as I did with my shoulders. I love training shoulders now they are stronger! 

I always warm up my shoulders first, usually with 1lb dumbells I do a press, lateral raises and front raises. The weight is to small for it to be a working set so warms up the shoulders nicely. I do not go to fail on these warm up sets, just do 2/3 sets until my shoulders feel ready to train. 

Once warmed up I started 💪 

  • Side DB raises, one arm at a time continuously swapping over until the last set, no resting! 12 reps, 10, 8, 6, 4 then 2, holding at the top for 3 secs on the last rep
  • Using a light bar, shoulder press in front for 10 reps, behind head for 10 reps then 10 reps in front. 3 sets of this, resting inbetween
  • Using a kettle bell and standing with my back against the wall I did front raises, 3 sets, failing around 10/12 reps
  • Cable upright Row, using a long bar, 10 reps with hands wide, 10 reps hands in the middle, 10 reps hands touching, no resting inbetween these sets. I only did 2 sets of these as this move really hits your traps and mine are already big (note- this can hurt your wrists if they are weak) 
  • DB ‘around the worlds’ 3 sets of 10, I had to rest/pause through these! 
  • DB bent over lateral raises, 3 sets of 10/12
  • Cable face pulls, 3 sets of 12, upping the weight each set 


  • Decline sit up bench, 3 sets to fail
  • Decline bench, with medicine ball, sit up and lift ball above head, back to chest and repeat, 3 sets to fail, once failing drop the ball and crunch until failure 
  • Cable wood choppers, 3 sets to failure each side 
  • Cable crunches, 3 sets to failure 
  • Sit ups with twists, 3 sets to failure 

I should of done some cardio after but had to get back so Colin could go and train. I don’t mind skipping cardio 🙈 my body is achy today so I definitely need today as a rest day, ensuring I’m eating really well and often to aid my recovery.  I have been invited to run with a few friends tonight I’m yet to decide if I should or not. I know I’d feel good for it but I’m super unfit and it will be hard work! We will see. 


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