wp-image-1660304098jpg.jpgWhat I eat for breakfast!

I am always asked what I eat and how I keep fit. Well here is what I have for breakfast most mornings.

Muesli, a sprinkle of Chia seeds with soya milk.

Firstly we are a cows milk free house! I have seen the most awful videos of milk farms and it  broke my heart, as well as making me feel sick! The way they are treated is disgusting and how it is allowed is beyond me! As a society we are lead to believe we have to feed our children milk so they will grow big and strong!

Although the ingredients are meant to help you grow big and strong…….. if you are a baby calf!

I’ve even had the dental nurse ‘educating’ my children that they should not be drinking fresh fruit juice because of the natural sugars found and instead plenty of milk for strong teeth and bones. O please! Do you know there is actually studies found that drinking milk can lead to osteoporosis  (hollowing and weakening of the bones)

Anyway, we have swapped for soya milk, now I see conflicting research on this because of the amount of estrogen naturally found in soya. This is the only time we have soya so guessing small amounts will be ok. If anyone else has information on soya they’d want to share that would be fab 😊

Our muesli is no added sugar! Muesli has a high sugar content due to the dry fruit but the standard, well advertised brands add extra sugar to their products! So many people believe they are eating a healthy breakfast when in fact their breakfast has as much sugar in it as some of the chocolate ones! So a no added sugar product is a must! Full of nuts too it has some good fats which is perfect for energy first thing in the morning. We get this muesli from lidle for just £1.99! Bargin compared to other brands.

Why add Chia seeds?

Chia seeds are full of good fats, omega 3 and 6, and all round perfect for your health. A few sprinkles of these gives the first meal of the day that healthy boost. These can sometimes be expensive. Although the pack will last a long time. This was another bargin find in lidle for £1.99 and they are organic! In Holland and barret a pack is around  £7/ £8.

This keeps me full up for the crazy mornings and through til my next meal, usually around 11. I have to watch my portions as it is so easy to load the bowl up. The same goes with the Chia seeds, you can even have to much good fat so only a sprinkle is perfect.

What do you guys eat first thing?


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