Happy house, Happy life


These last few days I have felt rotten!

My beautiful husband has shared his germs and now I feel like utter crap! Still having to get three children to three different schools each morning and then one pick up at midday and then another one at three, there is no time rest. I attempted to carry on as normal with work but I was a shaking mess, not great when painting nails, let alone applying individual eyelash extensions! I had to cancel my remaining clients yesterday and today’s clients too, I hate doing this! I am no good to anyone though and also I’d feel terrible if they caught this too.

Feeling sorry for my self on the sofa whilst trying to entertain a three year old is hard work, as well as clock watching ready for the next school run! It’s safe to say the house work wasn’t getting a look in. Something that drives me nuts! Instead of getting on with it I get stressed.

I have one great friend 🤗

After speaking to my friend Kim and well, having a good old moan lol Kim said she is free this afternoon and she’d come and help me! I jumped at the chance! Kim is the owner of Happy House Cleaners, a very sort after company that has a large team of cleaners covering Hertfordshire.

It turns out Kim needed my dirty house as much as I needed her cleaning expertise.

Kim has been researching the effects of all the popular cleaning products, which most house holds use, the results are scary! I will NOT be looking into this yet, I will obsess! Well Kim has made her own, natural products! The results were amazing! She effortlessly cleaned my kitchen, main bathroom and separate toilet. No hard scrubbing required! She just wiped! All different surfaces and they were gleaming, even my glass shower screen, which usually takes ages and a few different steps to get all the water marks off. It took Kim minutes! I was impressed, and obviously massively grateful that I’d been saved a job.

I will definitely be looking into these products, they work out ALOT cheaper then branded ones and are safer. The only down side……it doesn’t smell as nice as bleach. I admit it! I’m a bleach addict, I love the smell, I know the house is clean and the stronger the better 🙈 But……the new products made cleaning so easy it would be silly not to use them!

Here is the before and after of our bathroom taps 😷 our lovely children like to store their toys behind there. They are lovely and shiny now. There is more examples of Happy House Cleaners work here –


I had the most relaxing bath as soon as the tinkers were in bed 🤗 mini facial for me too!

Before and after 

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