Let’s break a world record!

img_1297I have seen this event a few times and thought I’d love to help out. The sad reality is that we often get side tracked and these good ideas don’t happen. Well this morning I signed up to this fantastic cause. Mental health is an issue very close to my heart and I truly believe more should be done to help, Anyone of us can suffer at anytime from mental health issues.

In a bid to break the world record we will be painting 6078 sets of nails in 8 hours, nail techs from all over will be there offering a a nail paint at the cost of £5. It would be amazing if we could share this and get as many people attending as possible! I am dragging colin and the kids along too as that’s another 3 pairs of hands for painting. (Ssshhh I haven’t told him yet, waiting to see if he actually reads my blog, hahaha) Below is the event link with more details  🤗


Can you help out?

I know, I know a lot of beauty therapists! If you could give up your Sunday to be part of this fantastic cause it would be fab! All you need to do is send it your insurance certificate and your manicure/pedicure certificate. On the day we will all be wearing black, preferable long sleeves and have our nails painted green. No need to bring anything with you (maybe some lunch!) as all the kit needed will be provided. Therapists are asked to arrive at 9:15 ready for the public to attend at 10am, it will finish at 18:30. I will be getting the train, anyone wanting to go together we can meet first thing.

If you can’t make it but would still like to help?


Here is the gofundme page for the event, all donations are going to help the set up of of the event and towards the chosen charities. Any donation, big or small will help out  🤗

Thank you for taking your time to read this, if you could share this to get more people aware of the event that would be such a help.



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