Give me pretty nails!


Another new system!!!!

Anyone that knows me knows I have an obsession with nail products and nail art! In 2012 I started the journey to become a nail technician and I have never looked back! This ‘job’ is the best thing I have done and still, to this day, is a passion which I can’t see fading! I would spend hours doing my own nails, friends and families nails, anyone who would let me really!

Out of all the treatments I now offer my passion has always been nails, when ever new gel colours arrived at ‘the hut’ I would be the first to model them, showing them off to anyone and everyone. My nails where my best advert! Funky patterns and different colours on all fingers was the norm for me.

Then it happened…….

The worse day of my life and something that upsets me daily still, I grew allergic to all the products I was using! My hands began to itch and small blister like spots where all over my fingers, mainly on my right hand. The hand I use to paint nails! Safe to say I ignored all the early signs for as long as possible until one day I woke up, my whole right hand was swollen, I couldn’t even bend my fingers! Like cooking sausages when you forget to pierce the skin 😷 I bent my fingers and all the skin cracked! I would itch them in my sleep and wake up with broken skin and weeping knuckles. This took, I’d say, easily a year to get back under control. I now have bare nails (boohoo) and must wear gloves for every set of nails I do. As gel is my main treatment I go through alot of gloves. Nitrile gloves are a must as any others just split and the products even go through them. This isn’t cheap, but it works. Safe to say my hands are recovered but I will never be able to wear gel again, I get brave sometimes and do a set of gels without gloves, the symptoms start as soon as the set is complete.

Can I use nail varnish? Of course! My nails are fine with this as there isn’t any acyrlate (pretty sure this is what I’m allergic too as it’s the most common thing techs react to) but anyway who wants to wear varnish, of course it’s fine on your toes and last forever, but your hands! I’ll give it a few hours max! Especially in job!

Well……. Enity have released the acrylic dip and buff system! And guess who’s ordered the starter kit 👋 This is meant to be odourless, unheard of for acrylic and fine for people with sensitivity to gels! I’ve tried to book in and have a set put on to see if it’s fine but I’m so busy and it’s not happened, well I’ve ordered it now! They have loads of colours too! If I can wear this I will be the happiness nail tech ever!!! There is only one why to find out, I will be stalking the postman each morning now.

I will share my results as soon as it’s delivered and I’ve had a play. In the mean time you can see examples of my work on my lovely clients that are lucky enough to be able to wear gels on my Facebook page 👇👇👇👇👇



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