I’ve had worse Mondays!

img_1294I I am so lucky I know such lovely people!

This morning I had an appointment with one of my friends. This gorgeous, kind lady I have only meant recently when my self and a friend hosted a pamper evening. Kerry was a therapist that had been recommended to attend offering her Reiki. Needless to say Kerry was fully booked for the evening as soon as we posted her availability.

The first time I meet Kerry we clicked instantly, we have so much in common we could, and probably do, talk for hours. Kerry is in the process of adding massage to her treatment menu and needed a model, yes please 👋

With all the change that has happened in the past months I have been super busy and…. to be honest, not in the best of places. Life can sometimes get on top of me and I lose my focus. (More on that later)


Today was my first treatment with Kerry and o how lovely it was! Her treatment room at home is beautiful (see above) I have conservatory envy! Now I am nagging Colin for one. I’ll let you guess his answer haha

Kerry gave me a full body massage, starting with my back I was instantly relaxed, the calming music and perfect atmosphere it was just want I needed! When massaging my legs I could feel the tension in my quads and glutes from the weekends gym session. It was bliss and a plus, this should help my muscles recover quicker. Ready to rip again! The massage moved from legs/feet, arms and hands finishing on my chest, shoulders, face and head. I can not recommend massages enough, I truly believe everyone needs frequent massages as a way of self care. Helping the body to relax and heal its self. As well as taking the time for your self and relaxing.

Once the massage was over we spent ages chatting, I didn’t even realise the time until I got home! Nice and relaxed ready for the madness of a Monday afternoon, 3pm hits and then the madness begins, school run, rainbows, dinner, homework, baths, bedtime stories. O and work lol

Kerry is looking at growing her client list so if your interested in being a model for a discounted price for massage I will post her link below, don’t forget she is already a master in Reiki so offers this also, I’m booking in for Reiki next 😍


Do you have regular massages or have these as a one off treat?


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